Thursday, February 3, 2011


Photo by Kevin Dooley. Used with permission.
We all have unique fingerprints. If we are true to our individual creativity, then those fingers will play melodies and write lyrics that reflect that uniqueness.

Sure, we are influenced by others, but we all have the ability to see the world as no one else has ever seen it before.

When creating art, we learn by doing. Setting out to write a song that’s original and “you” means that part of the process is figuring out what does and doesn't work (more on this later). Conventional rules should not apply.

On our way, we will come to forks in the road. We can either:

a) write what we believe in, or
b) write what we think someone else expects us to write.

Don't be afraid of trial and error. A lot of time we learn more from our "errors" than we ever do from our successes.  

Keep writing,


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