Thursday, August 25, 2011

Process or Product?

A few weeks ago, fellow songwriter Kyle Nelson asked this question:

     "Which please the heart and soul more: the product or the process?"

I believe that only by enjoying the process can we ever enjoy the product. I've seen enough people experience success who admit that it wasn't all they thought it'd be. How in the world could a #1 Billboard hit not be enjoyed, you ask?

In a lot of ways, when we see the process as only a means to the end product, we build expectations that set us up for one of two things: either we don't meet the goal, and are disappointed, or we do meet the goal, and are relieved. I don't like either of the two outcomes, because neither are positive.

However, if we focus on learning how to enjoy the daily, moment-by-moment process of creating art, any product (whether the mere completion of or success of the art) is an added bonus. I don't want to focus so much on the end goal that I lose the enjoyment and thrill of the creative process.

Keep writing,


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