Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sing It Like You Say It

Have you ever noticed how the English language has natural a natural set of tones that go along with everyday speech? You can probably imagine how these words would sound if you were hearing them rather than reading them.

When it comes to writing lyrics, one of the most important things to do is marry the lyric with the melody. Like a good marriage, both should make most sense in the context of the other. When a listener hears your song, they should not be able to imagine the melody saying anything else, or the lyric accompanying any other note structure. The goal is to sound natural.

Sometimes I feel like there is an over-emphasis on melody, and the lyric deserves more attention. This has been the biggest area of growth for me over the past few years, as I used to think classical music is proof that the melody is king over the lyric. But I have to agree with Ralph Murphy, who says that melody is what catches the listener's attention, while lyric is what keeps them tuned in.

So catch the listener's ear with a great melody, but keep them engaged with a substantial lyric.

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