Monday, September 19, 2011

Dalton Ghetti - Dedication to Art

I was perusing the world of Facebook this morning and came across an image of a pencil that was posted by Raw Vision. What's so exciting about a pencil? Ask Dalton Ghetti, who sees them as a medium for art.

All it takes to do something artistically innovative is the ability to see the common world around us in a new light. For example, here's the alphabet:

Alphabet, 2005. Dalton Ghetti (b. 1961). Pencil and graphite. Collection of the Artist.

And here is one single pencil held together by the lead, carved into a continuous chain:

Dalton Ghetti
 Chain, 1997. Dalton Ghetti (b. 1961). Graphite and wood. Courtesy of the Artist. Photo courtesy of Sloan Howard.

There is also more about his work on the New York Times website here.

Keep writing (and carving pencils),



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