Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Co-writer Characteristic #7 of 10: Preparedness

Know yourself. It's that easy, and it's that complicated.

Knowing yourself allows you to best be prepared to show up and create with another person. Not only will you have a clear view of your own strengths and weaknesses, but you'll sense how your unique creative vision and voice can blend with a collaborator's. You will be able to mutually enhance the song by entering into each other's creative space.

Being prepared includes: 
  • Getting a good night's sleep 
  • Keeping an organized schedule 
  • Researching your co-writer's style and voice 
  • Keeping a list of melody and lyric ideas to use as a launching point for a song 
  • Showing up on time 
  • And the list goes on... 
The most prepared songwriter will write the best song possible. 

Keep writing (and preparing),


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