Monday, May 23, 2011

Writing Tools - Yerba Maté

Those who have written with me know that it's a given that I will be drinking Yerba Maté (a South American green tea that arguably tastes like wet hay) when we write. This may sound silly to include this as a writing tool, but I believe it is essential. When writing every day in a different environment with a different person, there has to be some constant involved. For some people it's having their laptop open in front of them. For others it's their favorite guitar in their hand or having a beautiful, inspiring view out the window.

Maybe it's the same reason a little kid carries his blankie to a slumber party - a comfort of home in a foreign place. So I guess I'm saying that my Thermos of hot tea is my grown-up blankie, and I'm OK with that. It keeps me just as warm.

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