Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Key West Songwriters' Festival

Last week I had the opportunity to head down to Key West with a large group of writers and publishers from Nashville. The festival was full of shows happening all over town, from noon until three or four in the morning.

What's the point of such a migration, you may ask? For me, the main value of attending is for the opportunities to network. In town, I may run into other writers in a coffee shop or on music row, but generally we are both on our way to meet someone or to write. In Key West, no one really has to be anywhere, unless you are performing. Every meal and show is another chance to build a relationship or discover a new favorite songwriter. Here were a couple of my new favorite writers I saw perform this week:

Tony Lane ("I Need You" by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill)

Lori McKenna ("The Luxury of Knowing" by Keith Urban)

Here's a video from last year's festival:

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