Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Matters

For anyone in Nashville on May 10th, I would strongly encourage you to consider attending blood:water mission's well:done celebration.

Blood:water mission is an organization started by the band, Jars of Clay. I've always been encouraged by how the musical group use their platform for good, not just celebrity. They shine the spotlight on the less fortunate. They formed this organization to provide basic necessities for villages in Africa, and have succeeded in recently digging their 1,000th well. That's 1,000 communities who didn't have access to fresh water before this group of musicians decided to help.

As songwriters, it's important to realize that we have the ability to unify and call people to action. We also have the ability to focus the attention on other people rather than ourselves. Instead of just asking music to serve us, let's serve others with our music.

You can purchase tickets here. And hey, maybe there's a chance you'll get a little "MMMBop" action from Hanson.

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