Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Songbird Project App

No, this unfortunately isn't the announcement of an official The Songbird Project phone app (though one may be in the works). This is more like the announcement of the unofficial app. I thought I'd point you to one of my favorite blog and news apps: Pulse News.

After downloading the app, follow directions to add a source. A search for "The Songbird Project" brings up this blog at the top of the list. After adding, you'll see a clean, organized system of viewing each post with the associated picture.

There are also plenty of free ways to read a lot of your favorite news and blog feeds in one place. On my computer I use Google Reader, and have had no issues. I believe even some mail programs are able to incorporate blog feeds as new messages.

Here is this blog's RSS feed address:

I've found this to be a helpful way of gathering information, as it centralizes all of my favorite sources of information. With a little setup time, you can have your own personal newspaper too.

Keep writing,


PS - If anyone has any app building expertise, please feel free to contact me. Let's build this together!

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