Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Aiming at the Right Target

I've had a lot of conversations with other songwriters lately about how exactly one should approach writing songs. In general, one of the best ways I've found to think about it is through the concept of archery.

Only by having a clear understanding of my own abilities and weaknesses will I know at which target I should aim. Instead of only taking into account distance, consider the different directions you can aim. Sometimes your appropriate target is not what you first think.

My wife and I are currently working on an album of kids songs. Six months ago, I would have told you there wasn't a possibility of us doing such a thing, but here we are. If I had been only aiming at the conventional targets in front of me, I would have missed out on one of the most creatively fulfilling projects I've ever worked on.

There are so many more ways to exercise the gift of writing songs than just trying to get music onto the radio. Where else are you able to use your music to impact people?

Keep writing,



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