Monday, November 7, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends

Thanks to the work of NSAI, there is hope for a brighter tomorrow in the world of publishing. If this act gets passed through Congress, we would be looking at a greater revenue stream and ultimately more publishing deals. Please take a couple minutes to:

1. Find your local representative by clicking HERE.

2. Send them this letter:

Dear (Insert your Congressman's name here):

I am a songwriter/composer writing to encourage you to sponsor and support The Stop Online Piracy Act (H.R. 3261).

Over the past decade, Internet music piracy has decimated the American music industry and wrought particular devastation on the profession of songwriter/composer.  As many as 90% of our country’s professional songwriters and composers are no longer able to earn a full-time royalty income for one simple reason – Internet music piracy.  Royalties have shrunk dramatically and so have the creative opportunities for songwriters and composers.

The legislation will allow removal of rogue websites whose primary activity is based on piracy.  Many of the sites are located in the former Soviet Union and distribute copyrighted material with no compensation whatsoever.  In many instances the sites are simply criminal enterprises which operate with no fear of reprisal.

America is losing tens of billions of dollars each year due to Internet piracy of movies, music and other copyrighted American creations.  This legislation will help reverse a trend that sees billions of copyrighted files (music, movies, television shows and other copyrighted works) being illegally distributed each month.

The bill also increases criminal penalties for individuals who traffic in counterfeit medicine and military goods, which put innocent civilians and American soldiers at risk. And it improves coordination between IP enforcement agencies in the U.S.

(Insert a personal message or example about how piracy has impacted your career or opportunities if you wish.)

We need your help and support.



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  1. Already done....

    Are you glad the United States is trying to at least appear to support IP or a bit disappointed.
    Are you disappointed at how very weak this United States bill still is?

    The IP issue is about to be made irrelevant by laws that already exist.
    Laws not being followed by the FCC but soon required to be followed by court.
    I, Curtis J Neeley Jr., MFA, asked these be ordered followed and 47 USC §153 ¶(52) wire communications called instead "the Internet" for disguise to be regulated by the FCC.
    It has taken over three years in United States Court thus far.
    Neeley v NameMedia Inc., et al,(5:09-cv-05151)(11-2558)
    Briefed and before the three Eighth Circuit judges to INVENT.
    Three judges will INVENT another reason to support the Internet of nearly free pornography.
    Otherwise; The wide-open Internet will no longer exist unregulated.

    Appellant Brief PDF
    Appellee Brief of NameMedia Inc PDF
    Appellee Brief of Google Inc PDF
    Appellant Reply Brief PDF
    MOTION Pre-ruling Motion for en banc review PDF < < < DENIED
    Lawyers can access this all by wire via PACER for $.08/page but everyone can access them for free above.